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Monday, February 01 2010 00:00

ITR GmbH reactivated business in 2010.

After having been employed as the head of the development department at VIPA GmbH from 2004 to 2010, Richard Rauch dedicates himself solely to the interests of ITR GmbH since then.  The proprietor Richard Rauch has already been selfemployed since 1994. The independant IT office was transformed into ITR GmbH in 1999. After numerous projects within the business fields automation and embedded systems Richard Rauch took over the direction of the development department at VIPA GmbH who used to be the main customer at this time. During this time he developed VIPA GmbH from a component supplier to a system supplier for S7 compatible controllers. The business issues of ITR GmbH have mainly been at rest during this time. Mr. Rauch left VIPA GmbH in the beginning of 2010 and does now concentrate solely on the interests of ITR GmbH since then.


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